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CO6.1615 St Ethelredas Church | London SW6

Solar PV

CO2 saved pa: 2.69 t

Project Summary

Who better than to let Church Warden, Martin Chapple, tell the story …

‘The PCC, having considered the long term benefits of Solar Power namely the saving of CO2 emissions, generating "free" electricity, minimal maintenance, an estimated tax free return on investment of 10% p.a. (where else can you get that sort of return today?) and the reduction of their overall electricity bill, chose, after competitive tendering, Treadlighter Ltd to install a 6.25kWp grid connected Photovoltaic (PV) System on the Church Hall roof.

The main attraction of installing a PV system for us was that even in the summer months, large parts of the hall complex require lights on during the day and so the majority of the electricity generated would be used rather than being exported to the National Grid. With 50% of any generation deemed to be "exported" this was a win win situation for us as it is for most users.

Since the system was commissioned on 27th June 2013 it has generated 8,623kWh and is performing according to the forecast.

The PCC was very pleased with the very professional, friendly, enthusiastic and co-operative attitude of the staff from design concept through to installation and commissioning. The whole system was installed and commissioned within the prescribed three days.

They are to be highly recommended “

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Solar PV

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