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Like it or not, energy efficiency plays a growing role in the economic viability of our built environment. We don’t have to be environmental doom mongers or tree huggers to accept that attitudes have to change.

Fossil fuel energy resources are dwindling and as the world strives for economic growth the competition to acquire what remains increases exponentially.

The responsibility on architects, M&E’s and contractors as well as the pressure on commercial property owners, managers and homeowners to control energy consumption comes in the way of both government legislation and the bottom line.

Whatever our individual views on the environment as a whole, controlling efficiency and utilising renewables to minimise on-going energy costs and improve asset values just makes plain common sense.

Technological developments help us build-in greater efficiency through improved insulation, lighting, heating & cooling and power optimisation systems. There are many steps we can take to control consumption but the biggest impact of all comes when we increase the energy we produce ourselves and reduce the amount of energy we need from the grid.

A healthy respect for the bottom line means we all have a responsibility to help ourselves. A renewable energy strategy has become a vital tool in separating the best from the rest.

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