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Feed in Tariff (FIT)


  • The Government scheme that pays you to generate your own electricity
  • Create an index-linked income guaranteed for 20 years
  • High Return on Investment

The Detail

Simply put, the Feed-In Tariff scheme (FIT) pays you to create your own electricity from renewable sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. Since April 2010 any property can become a “Micro-generator” ie you become your own mini power station.

Here’s the deal

As part of a renewable installation we fit a TGM (Total Generation Meter). This records the amount of electricity your system produces and you will be paid for every kWh (Kilowatt hour) your system generates. It does not matter if you use some, all or none of the electricity generated, you simply get paid for generating it in the first place.

It gets better

For system sizes up to 30kWp, you will be paid a further but smaller amount for every kWh that you are deemed to have “exported” or sent back to the grid. This figure is not measured as such but for simplicity’s sake it is simply assumed (Deemed) that you have exported 50% of the total generated whether you have or not.
For systems over 30kWp, an Export Meter must be fitted.

In practical terms

This means that it is always in your interest to use as much of the energy you produce as possible because you get paid either way. This is great news as a small change in bevaviour could lead to a bigger reduction in your electricity bill particularly where high demand appliances and equipment is concerned.

The other important benefits for micro-generators are that they are index-linked (RPI) and guaranteed for 20 years.

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