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  • Increase efficiency
    Use renewables

  • Insulation

    Keep cold out 
    & heat in

  • LED Lighting

    Save 85%
    off your
    running costs

  • Voltage

    Only pay for the
    electricity you

  • Solar PV

    Generate & use
    your own

  • Solar Thermal

    Heat your
    Hot water

  • Wood burning

    Reduce your space 
    heating costs

  • Air Source
    Heat Pump

    Great for 

  • Rainwater

    Flush loos
    Wash clothes
    Water gardens
    Clean cars

Which technologies are right for my property?

At Treadlighter we regard every property as unique but given the range of energy-saving technologies on offer, arriving at the right answer for you, demands in-depth knowledge, expertise and single-minded attention to detail. With Treadlighter fighting your corner you can be assured that the answer will be appropriate, sensible and affordable.

Some of the parameters we consider include

  • Age, size and construction of the property
  • Performance and nature of existing installed technology
  • Your preconceptions and objectives
  • Scale of investment and savings/performance objectives
  • Is the work new build, part of a refurbishment or a stand-alone initiative?
  • Orientation, roof type and covering material
  • Planning considerations
  • Efficacy and stability of existing mains or alternative energy supplies
  • Occupancy level and the pattern of energy consumption

Our expertise is at your disposal

We are fully-accredited specialists in Low & Renewable Energy systems and we are here to help you define your goals and decide what works best for you.

We’ve been providing an independent and personal service to customers in London and the Home Counties since 2007. Our success lies in our appreciation that no two properties are the same. Whatever your objective, it all starts with a free survey which can lead to a comprehensive report or simply a system design and a no obligation installation quotation.

Get in Touch and let us show you how you can

  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels
  • Significantly cut your energy bills
  • Protect yourself from future grid energy price increases
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Benefit from any available government incentives
  • Create a tax-free income guaranteed for up to 20 years (subject to chosen technology)
  • Add value to your home.

Get in touch

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MCS NIC/EIC approved installer The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Which? Trusted Trader TSI Approved Code Renewable Energy Consumer Code member You Gen Official Partner Renewable World