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  • Generate your own
    electricity from daylight

  • Reduce your annual
    grid electricity bill

  • PV solutions for virtually
    any roof or on the ground

  • Low level
    all black panel
    flat roof
    mounting systems

  • Benefit from the 
    Feed in Tariff

  • Generate a tax-free income
    for 20 years

  • Solar PV pays for itself
    over and over again



We design, install and certify Solar PV systems for virtually every roof type, inclined or flat as well as on the ground. 

Panels can be on-roof or in-roof and although they come at a premium, solar tiles often produce the most seamless solution.

Whether or not you're building from new, planning an extension or embarking on a re-roofing project why not get in touch and find out for free, what a Solar PV system could do for you.

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MCS NIC/EIC approved installer The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Which? Trusted Trader TSI Approved Code Renewable Energy Consumer Code member You Gen Official Partner Renewable World